Cabbage Side Dishes

Baked Cabbage Wedges

Cabbage wedges are covered with a cheese sauce and baked in the oven for a delicious cheesy cabbage casserole.   An easy side dish recipe that is delicious and tasty.

I wanted to liven up some cabbage and do something different with them rather than roasting slices of them.   There is a delicious cheesy cabbage casserole with nuts that we both enjoy but I was looking for something a little bit different.   So, I decided that instead of slicing the cabbage and boiling it before baking, I would cut the cabbage into wedges.

The wedges are par boiled to ensure that they are soft and tender as I wanted to bake them, not roast them.  The cheese sauce is lifted by the green onions but I think you could add an additional herb to this too if you so wished.  Perhaps a sprig or two of thyme?  A pinch of chilli flakes?  Oooh, some jalapenos slices would be lovely for the fans of cheese and jalapenos too! 

For this baked cabbage recipe, I used half a large head of cabbage as that would be enough as a side dish for the both of us.  It gave use two cabbage wedges each.  An even number so no fighting over the remaining piece too!  You could perhaps use a smaller head or double up the sauce quantities for a whole head if there are more than two of you.  Or have just one wedge each.   

This is an easy cabbage side dish and is easy on the eye too.  I had my portion of taste testing by itself for lunch and found it delicious.   The Chief Taster is a big fan of cabbage and ate this so quickly I thought he had inhaled it.  He enjoyed it with relish and this will be on the request list the next time I am roasting some form of chicken for him with vegetables.



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