Cauliflower Cake

A cauliflower cake recipe that uses coconut flour, keeping it gluten free and low carb. A savoury cake that is a great alternative to a quiche or frittata.

I’ve seen the cauliflower cake recipe by Yotam Ottalenghi and boy does that man know his way around a cauliflower! The recipe looks delicious but since he uses flour it’s out for me. So naturally I thought that I could try to see if I could bake a low carb version cauliflower cake with coconut flour.

cauliflower cake

Reading the reviews of his cake made me smile with the one comment by someone exclaiming in wonder at who would make a cake out of cauliflower. Bless, I thought. They have no low carb friends. They need to step over to our side of the tracks where cauliflower is king! I wonder what they would make of my chocolate cauliflower cake?

Low carb savoury cake

This delicious cauliflower cake is as tasty as a crust-less quiche or a frittata but is firmer, due to the coconut flour. The taste is a mouthful of savoury goodness! I used thyme for the herb flavour as I do like the combination of thyme and Parmesan cheese. The original recipe uses rosemary and basil which sounds just as delicious. Feel free to throw your favourite herbs in!

cauliflower cake

I thought about adding Feta cheese to this too but wanted to try the first one without it. I will make this again and perhaps then add some Feta cheese. I riced the cauliflower but you could cook cauliflower florets instead. I would make sure that the florets are small though, or perhaps gently mash them up with a fork before adding the other ingredients.

This is delicious warm and great cold. Personally, I prefer it warm although I still happily munched on a piece the next morning under the guise of “taste research”. The Chief Taster enjoyed it too but preferred it cold. Serve this with a side salad for a perfect summer’s lunch.


cauliflower cake

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3 thoughts on “Cauliflower Cake”

  • I made this. Very good. My 4 year old ate it. I made 3 changes. 1. I used 3 ice cubes of crock pot caramelized onion that I keep on hand instead of cooking onion. 2. I used 1 teaspoon of kosher salt. 3. I used coconut oil in the cauliflower cooking. It only needed 32 minutes in the oven at 400, but ovens, they are all different.

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