Goats Cheese Rosemary Crackers

These delicious goats cheese crackers are flavoured with fresh rosemary and make a great gluten free and low carb cracker to have alongside with a dip.

I have a very popular cream cheese cookie recipe that I wondered how I could do a savoury version of it.  I’ve been baking so many sweet recipes for Easter recently that I need something savoury to return my taste buds!  So, thinking of this recipe, I used goats cheese instead of cream cheese.

goats cheese

The idea for this came about one Sunday afternoon when I was trying to have a mid-afternoon nap with the dogs.  I had bought a large log of goat’s cheese and was wondering what to do with it, apart from the obvious omelette filling.  Well, for me that is.   The dogs were particularly lively and rather than drifting off into a delicious afternoon nap with them snoring quietly by my side,  I was being a referee in between doggie playtimes and general shenanigans.   This woke me up faster than an expresso coffee and once my mind was sharpened, I thought “savoury cracker” and head off to the kitchen to work my magic.  Plus, it was a momentary peace from the dog’s antics.

goats cheese

The smell of these low carb goats cheese and rosemary crackers are simply delicious.  There is something aromatic about baked rosemary and the house smelt delicious all evening.  However tempting the smell of these baking is, when they are out of the oven I would not advise munching them.  I had a nibble and it was like the same eating effect of giving a tablespoon of peanut butter to the dogs.  A lot of slapping of the lips.  Sadly, you need to wait until the next day as they will have firmed up and the flavours fully developed.   So, bake them ahead and you won’t be disappointed.

The Chief Taster munched these the day they were baked and then the next day when they were ready.  He loved them the next day, but upon munching them when they were out of the oven declared them to be very similar to a certain brand of Cheese Crackers.   You could not eat more than 3 within a minute.   This is probably due to the coconut flour that makes them very filling.  Then again, why is he looking to eat a set number of crackers within a minute?  With no cheese or spread too! He needs some time off work I think!  On the upside, you are not going to scoff the lot, one after another and claim hunger blindness!  Eat, relish and enjoy.

goats cheese

The next day we had theses goats cheese rosemary crackers with a creamy, spicy dip which was perfect.  A lot of strong flavours, but the crackers had hardened up and had a delicious crunch that you need from a cracker.  The flavours of the goat’s cheese and fresh rosemary seemed to mature and together made a delicious cracker.   If you enjoy the sweet cream cheese cookie then you will hopefully like the savoury goats cheese cracker version.


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