Halloumi, Blueberry & Spinach Salad

A vibrant Halloumi, blueberry and spinach salad that is a contrast of textures and flavours. Bright colours and rich tastes combine for a hearty dish.

The saltiness of the Halloumi goes well with the spinach but the blueberries give this salad recipe a sweet taste too. Not overtly sweet but little bursts of sweetness as you pop them into your mouth. I used a tangy lime dressing so that the salad was not too sweet. It’s meant to be a salad not a dessert so needed a balance.

Halloumi salad

I love Halloumi and we call it squeaky cheese as it takes on a different texture when cooked. Almost squeaky against your teeth. Halloumi is a cheese that is best served fried. What’s not to love about fried cheese! It is a great cheese for BBQ’s too but just make sure the slices are cut large so that they don’t fall down the sides of the grill.

Halloumi salad
Much to my delight, Halloumi was on a special price at the supermarket so into the trolley it went. As I approached the fresh produce section, blueberries were on special too. So, I threw caution to the wind and thought that I would throw these two ingredients together in a Halloumi salad.

Halloumi salad
This Halloumi salad recipe is best served immediately otherwise the Halloumi will start to harden as it cools down and the spinach is in full wilt. This was discovered by the Chief Taster who declined a plate of this vibrant Halloumi salad when I finished cooking. Somethings are best tasted fresh from the kitchen.

Halloumi salad
Rocket would make a great substitute if you don’t have any fresh spinach. The peppery taste would go well with the saltiness of the Halloumi cheese. Since summer is upon us (well, for some of us), fire up the BBQ and make a plate of this delicious Halloumi salad.

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  • Love the combination of ingredients! I didn’t know Halloumi was a squeaky cheese, and this information isn’t useless to me as I had been searching for some time already for a type of squeaky cheese in order to perform a certain recipe of mine. I’m glad I’ve read your post 🙂 Have a rgeat day Angela !

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