Spinach & Feta Muffins

Healthy spinach and feta muffins that are a delicious savoury bite for your lunchbox, a picnic or just a snack.   Made with coconut flour they are low carb and gluten free too.

Spinach and feta are a great flavour combination and are the basis of the delicious Greek dish Spanakopita.   Crispy filo pastry is out for us who follow a low carb or gluten free lifestyle (I refuse to use the word diet) but we find solace in other delicious spinach and feta recipes.   This muffin is a moist, yet firm alternative that make you almost forget about pastry!

spinach and feta

This spinach and feta muffin recipe was first baked in a muffin tin using muffin cases.  The next time I would perhaps baking them in a greased muffin tin with no case as the case seems to stick a bit.  Once cool the muffin papers peeled off but the Chief Taster was complaining.   He did love the flavour of these spinach and feta muffins though and happily munched into them.  As well as complaining about having to peel off the muffin papers.  Real first world problems!

spinach and feta

Grated zucchini was added to the spinach and feta muffin mixture to keep it moist and firm especially because I was using coconut flour.  As I stirred the final ingredients together I looked at the batter and knew it needed a little something else.   Luckily, I had a sole zucchini in the bottom of the vegetable drawer.   A quick grate and a stir into the mixture and I had the consistency that I wanted.

spinach and feta

As the spinach and feta muffins baked they rose splendidly and smelt delicious.  Once out of the oven it seemed rude not to try a warm one.  I was very happy with the flavour combinations.   When they cooled down I munched another and the flavours are better.   Bake a batch, try one warm, try another cold and see what you prefer!  They could be warmed up in the oven or even zapped in the microwave. 

spinach and feta


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