Zucchini Feta Roulade

A zucchini roulade that makes a great vegetarian centre stage dish. With a creamy filling of feta cheese and grilled red pepper this is great warm or cold.

I am still busy baking vegetarian roulades and have yet to get bored of them. Poor frittata, it’s been pushed to the side for the while. Although I was going through my frittata recipes, looking at the ingredients and wondering, dare I, can I make it into a roulade?

zucchini roulade

Zucchini Feta Roulade

This zucchini roulade recipe was one that evolved as I initially did not think of the roasted red pepper with the filling.  As I was putting all the ingredients together to make this I opened a cupboard to see a jar of grilled peppers.  It was a bit of a cheat, but hey, they were a bargain and tasty too.  With the mint, I was in two minds about adding it but fortunately it was not too overpowering and just gives a very subtle hint of mint which always goes well with feta and zucchini.

zucchini roulade

I took a gamble on the zucchini and didn’t cook it before putting it into the roulade. I crossed my fingers and toes on the magical absorption powers of coconut flour and it worked. I was a bit nervous that the mixture was going to be a bit wet, already planning to stir fry the failure for lunch and call it vegetable scrambled eggs. Thankfully it worked! Although if I make this again, I might try to gently cook the zucchini beforehand just to see what the difference is. Cooking is like a science lesson at times! The measuring, the experiments! Combined with the art of the colours and making it look pretty on a plate I am often in geek heaven! I think that island fever has caught me and I need a couple of days away back in the real world!

Low Carb Roulade

zucchini roulade

You need to let the zucchini roulade cool slightly before spreading out the filling. The Feta cheese will not melt and although it takes a high heat to melt the cream cheese, you don’t want any oozing out of the sides. Just letting it stand for a few minutes should be fine. That way you can serve it warm immediately. It is just as delicious cold too. We ate some warm once made, then scoffed the rest the next day cold. Roulades cold the next day make a great breakfast!

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