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Camembert Cranberry Low Carb Pie

This Camembert cranberry pie has a dough made with coconut flour and psyllium husk.    It is a healthier alternative to pastry as well as being gluten free and low in carbs too. 

There is something about the flavour combination of baked Camembert and cranberry that my taste buds enjoy during the festive season.   Many years ago, we used to enjoy filo pastry parcels with this filling or even with Brie cheese too.   Since we have stepped away from the wheat and carbs, my bossy taste buds are still demanding the same festive treats which made me think about baking this recipe with a coconut flour dough.

The battle with this recipe was shared with those of you who follow Divalicious Recipes on Facebook, since I often post my cooking fails. There is no shame in cooking disasters and we all have them! I just make mine public. My first thought for this recipe was to take a large Camembert wheel, cut it into eight portions, add some of my cranberry chia jam and wrap it up in pastry. Where this is possible with the flexibility of a filo pastry with its many layers holding in the filling, I soon discovered that this did not work with a coconut flour pastry. The cut Camembert burst forth with half of the filling all over the pan. Since the Camembert was cut, the skin of it did not help contain the heated gooey cheese. An eruption of cheese and cranberry burst forth making the triangle shapes obsolete. However, it was tasty so I knew I was still on the right path to keep my taste buds happy. I just needed a slight detour.



Once I came to terms that I could not use my idea of cut pieces of cheese, I dried my eyes on my apron, sipped some more wine, and set about baking a whole Camembert.  I did not want to risk wasting another large wheel of cheese so tried this pie with a smaller 125g wheel of Camembert.   As I was looking at the rolled pastry and then the cheese I was still in two minds how to cover this without any more cheese eruptions.   When I slathered the cranberry jam over the top of the Camembert I realised that I should turn it upside down onto the rolled pastry.  That way, the ends of the pastry would be brought together to meet each other at the bottom of the pie, not at the top.   This would hide any messiness of the pastry joins, as well as giving me a smooth top to the pie.

Making sure that the pastry was sealed well and inspecting for any potential weak parts or holes, I decorated the pie, glazed it with a beaten egg and popped it into the oven.   Anxiously watching the oven like a gripping television drama, I kept my eye on the pie in the hope that the filling would not burst forth.  Success at last!   The Camembert cranberry pie came out golden and firm, with the gooey centre contained within its pastry walls.   A happy dance was performed in the kitchen, frightening the animals who still are not used to their Momma’s awesome dance moves.

I held my breath as I cut the Camembert cranberry in half.   The cheese was deliciously gooey but did not run out onto the plate.  It’s probably more to do with the brand of Camembert and this small wheel was very firm.   However, no complaints from me as I needed the filling in place so I could take photos of the pie.

You could bake this with Brie cheese instead and use cooked cranberries in place of the cranberry chia jam.  The flavour combination will be pretty much the same.  Gooey cheese with sweet, tart cranberries all wrapped up within a pastry case.  Just what my festive taste buds were demanding!

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Elaine @ foodbod December 21, 2016 at 2:49 am

It looks like a huge success!!!

Sophie December 26, 2016 at 11:31 am

A fantastic special dish to Enjoy in wintertime,…Ooh yes!
I made it. Two times already! Brilliant!

Angela Coleby December 27, 2016 at 9:49 am

Great to hear!!

Camembert Cranberry Pie - Yum Goggle December 27, 2016 at 9:19 pm



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