Sweet Treats

Avocado Truffle Chocolates

These chocolate truffles are made with avocado rather than the traditional cream yet the result is just as rich and creamy but healthier.  Especially if you are dairy free.  A vegan and Paleo dish that is a tasty treat.  I dare you to stop at […]

Pumpkin Chocolate Truffles

Pumpkin truffles are just as decadent and delicious as chocolate truffles.   If you have ever made chocolate truffles, this is just as simple except you add some pumpkin puree and spices in.  Just delicious and very addictive.

Coconut Butter Bars – Strawberry & Coconut

An easy dessert made with coconut butter and strawberries.  You could use other berries or even nuts if you wish. To make coconut butter is as simple as making a nut butter.  Simply throw some raw dried shredded coconut into the food processor and blitz […]

Keto Chocolate Mint Bars

Keto Chocolate Mint Bars

A keto chocolate bar that you can quickly make when you are in need of a chocolate fix. These are a great version of chocolate bars and a healthier option too.   You can play around with the basic recipe and add nuts, coconut and […]

Coconut Chocolate Cups

Coconut chocolate cups are an easy sweet treat and best of all are low carb and gluten free. Since I have a surplus of desiccated coconut and there are only so many macaroons you can make, so I tried these coconut chocolate cups to use up […]

Homemade “Bounty” Bars

Bounty bars used to be one of my favourite treats, chocolate and coconut together..yum!   I have also read a few reports saying that Bounty bars are not gluten free…so best to make them yourself!   It’s always better to make things yourself too, as you know what exactly has […]

Almond Butter Coconut Truffles

This is a good use of almond butter and a healthier truffle.  Sometimes I make a huge batch of it, and any leftovers are rolled into these balls of goodness! This is a healthier alternative to chocolate truffles and just as easy to make.   It […]

Coconut Ice (Healthy version)

A healthy version of coconut ice with a lot less sugar and carbs.  This sweet treat is more natural too with no artificial colouring. I was looking at a bag of coconut and wondering what to do with it when my mind drifted to one […]

Chocolate Covered Cream Cheese Bites

Dollops of cream cheese covered with chocolate and frozen.  Just delicious! These are just so gorgeous and give you the feeling that you are being decadent and eating treats you should not, but you can! Yah!   I have tried this with various flavourings and my […]

Pumpkin Coconut Ice

Pumpkin coconut ice makes a healthy and tasty treat and is easy to make.  This tastes so sweet as if it is too bad for you and your hips but it is a simple dish of coconut and pumpkin.  Nothing bad at all!   It reminds […]