Cauliflower Side Dishes

Cauliflower Cheese & Onion Croquettes

Cauliflower croquettes are a low carb alternative to potato croquettes and here I’ve added cheese and onion.  With no breadcrumb coating they are also gluten free.

It was time that I should revise the old cauliflower croquette recipe as I keep seeing croquettes everywhere in Aruba.  This is due to the Dutch influence on the island.  You can even purchase them from a vending machine at one of the supermarkets. However, since they are made with flour, deep fried and breaded are sadly not for me.   We recently went to a local theatre and I watched people purchase them in the interval for a snack that made me hanker after a croquette even more. 

I had made a batch of cauliflower croquettes in December and added Mozzarella cheese to them to change the recipe a bit.  They did not keep their shape and spread all over the baking tin.  The mixture was spooned into a baking dish, mashed together with a sprinkling of cheese on top and grilled.  Cauliflower and cheese bake anyone?

The desire for a batch of cauliflower croquettes was still there since the “hiccup” in the kitchen so in I went in for round two.   This time I used Cheddar Cheese instead of Mozzarella and added some chopped spring onions.  Although you could bake them I was after the crispy coating without deep frying them.   This called for the frying pan, so in they popped and I pan fried them.  Much to my delight, this did give me the golden crispy coating I was hankering after.   As a comparison, I baked a couple of cauliflower croquettes in the oven.  Although just as delicious, they only had a slight golden hue to the outside.  No crispy texture though.


When frying the cauliflower croquettes in the pan, you have a bit more control over their shape and can fashion any unruly croquette back into shape with your spachelor.  Unlike my December batch, where I watched them in the oven collapsing and blending down into each other.   




We enjoyed the rest of the batch the next morning for breakfast with a couple of eggs.  I placed them back in a frying pan and pressed the shape down into a patty.  A minute or so each side, heating the cauliflower croquette back into life and was suddenly transformed into a cauliflower hash brown.  Very delicious and filling too.  

 cauliflower croquettes


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