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Keto Bread

Keto Bread

A Keto bread that will keep you going all morning with its high fibre content.  It is delicious sliced and toasted for breakfast. This low carb and gluten free bread is made primarily with flaxseed flour, with the addition of coconut flour and almond flour.  […]

Key Lime Pie Ice Cream

Key lime pie ice cream is a delicious combination of key lime pie and a low carb ice cream.  It’s almost two desserts in one bowl.  Strictly speaking you should use key limes but since they are not available to everyone, use your regular supermarket […]

Coconut & Turmeric Chia Pudding

Welcome to a great breakfast recipe with this coconut and turmeric chia pudding.  Or perhaps to have as a pudding. Either way this vegan and paleo recipe is full of nutrition.


Turmeric has many healthy qualities and contains curcumin, a substance with powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.    Chronic inflammation is known to be a contributor to many common Western diseases but curcumin can inhibit inflammation.


Zucchini, Dill & Feta Frittata

A light, yet filling frittata with zucchini, feta and dill making it a delicious summer choice. One of the vegetable stalls in my local market suddenly is stocking zucchini.  This is a rarity and almost unheard of.  After 10 minutes of loud sobbing involving the […]

Cinnamon Sticks

These low carb and gluten free cinnamon sticks are just so moreish that you will not be able to stop at one!  Or maybe I was extra hungry after smelling the cooking as the scent of cinnamon cooking is one of my favourite smells.   […]

Broccoli, Goats Cheese & Olive Frittata

A delicious broccoli frittata that is full of flavour and colour.   The goats cheese and olives go well with the broccoli but the whole frittata is completely transformed by the tarragon.  

Broccoli Frittata

There is something about the tarragon in this frittata that takes the flavour to another level.  Although there is only a tablespoon of this fragrant herb, it has complete dominance over this dish without it being too powerful. I devoured this like a pack of hungry wolves on a bucket of KFC!  “Just one more piece, then I’ll stop” I muttered to myself as munched my way through it.  Suddenly, I was left with an empty pan and a slight feeling of guilt and shame.   Or what we call Tuesday afternoon in our house…

As well as a large frittata, this recipe would be divine in smaller mini egg muffin versions too.  I have a post stick somewhere in my office to do this.  However, tarragon is not a herb in abundance here so I cannot cook it on demand.  I shall be full of girlish glee when I next find it in the supermarket here.  The same goes for mint at the moment.  It’s like gold dust and when it is suddenly available I stock up with as much as I can make last a week.  Don’t ask about growing your own either..that’s a long story for me here…Did it for a while and local African snails enjoyed a delicious minty breakfast.


One of my favourite things about a frittata is the mere simplicity of them.  It’s just throwing a few vegetables, a dash of cheese and a smattering of herbs together and you have a nourishing and delicious dish. Add a side salad and a tasty coleslaw, then you have got yourself a delicious meal.  

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Broccoli, Olive & Goats Cheese Frittata


Broccoli & Goats cheese frittata

Caprese & Avocado Frittata

A frittata made with the classic Italian salad ingredients of tomato, avocado, mozzarella and basil.  All the ingredients of a salad but in a frittata! A great dish for brunch, lunch or dinner.  Or even breakfast should the mood take you!   I had all the […]

Kale, Parmesan & Sage Frittata

A healthy frittata made with kale, Parmesan cheese and sage.  It’s a great way to sneak some kale into your diet too.   My love of a frittata is well documented by now as I think that they are a great quick, easy and nutritious […]

Cauliflower & Walnut Crust Quiche

A low carb and paleo quiche crust made out of cauliflower and walnuts. 

Cauliflower and Walnut Crust Quiche

There is no end to the versatility of the humble cauliflower!  Now available in Quiche crust format!  Although I have made this a couple of times with walnuts simply because I like this flavour combination you could use another nut instead.  I have made it without nuts and the crust was too moist for my liking.  Perhaps some ground flaxseed instead or even Parmesan cheese to bind it and give it the crispy case.  Perfect for a picnic or supper dish!

Yummy, tell me more Diva…

Pumpkin Chocolate Truffles

Pumpkin truffles are just as decadent and delicious as chocolate truffles.   If you have ever made chocolate truffles, this is just as simple except you add some pumpkin puree and spices in.  Just delicious and very addictive.