Cauliflower Herb Rice with Feta

This cauliflower rice recipe is seasoned with fresh herbs, lemon juice and Feta cheese.  This easy cauliflower rice recipe is deliciously mixed with ribbon-cut zucchini and tangy Feta cheese.

Influenced by tabbouleh, the Middle Eastern dish of fresh herbs and bulghur wheat, I wanted something similar but made with cauliflower rice for a low carb and grain free option.  The texture of the cauliflower rice is almost like couscous in texture.  You would not think you are eating cauliflower, due to the herbs and lemon seasoning.  

cauliflower rice recipe

Light and refreshing it is a delicious side salad or hearty enough to be a main dish.  A great salad dish for a summer’s meal too.    I ate a bowl of this by itself, but the Chief Taster had this as a side dish with my Salmon Pesto Parmesan.    We both enjoyed this and found it satisfying as well as refreshing. 

cauliflower rice recipe

Cauliflower Rice Recipe

You could add cucumber to this cauliflower rice recipe which I wanted to do but the Chief Taster dislikes cucumber with a passion, that even cutting slices of cucumber invokes cries of dismay from the other side of the house.  His sense of smell is somehow heightened to cucumber.  I had also thought about throwing in some cherry tomatoes but wanted to keep this dish green in colour and not to distract from the herbs.   The next time the Chief Taster travels I am free to cut up cucumbers and will make this dish again with them.  Perhaps take a photo of me eating them and send it to him!

cauliflower rice recipe

Although I used one zucchini to make ribbons to lay on top of the cauliflower rice, you could also make more ribbons and mix them into the salad.  Use the herb flavoured cauliflower rice dish as a base and give it your own flair.   I recommend you keep the Feta cheese though as it balances the fresh herbs and lemon flavour well.

cauliflower rice recipe

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